SCORE offers a unique opportunity for current small business owners to develop plans, strategies and tactics to improve their business. SCORE Counselors are a group of experienced business executives or owners who, working one-on-one or in teams with business owners, counsel those business owners in the understanding of the issues challenging the business owner and in developing plans to improve the performance of the business. We can bring to your challenges the benefits of our experience in finding markets, selling products and services, operating the business, and other areas important to a specific business. SCORE counselors also perform in the role of long term mentors/advisors to a business or even as advisory board members if requested by the client.

Request for One-on-One Counseling 

The service of SCORE Counselors to your business is without charge of any kind.

Requesting one-on-one counseling is done through a link reached by clicking the item in the menu column on the top of the page: “One-on-One Counseling”. You will find a simple form to fill out which will result in a call to you by one of our counselors, within 48 to 72 hours in most cases.

In addition to one-on-one counseling, SCORE Nashville offers workshops designed to teach you new or improved skills in several areas of small business issues. Descriptions of the workshops, schedules for the workshops and instructions for signing up for the workshops are found by clicking “Workshops” in the menu at the top of this page. There is a charge for each person attending a workshop as noted on the registration page.

Nashville SCORE has also assembled a package of Planning and Study templates and outlines addressing many of the issues faced by a small business. The package can be readily accessed from the Browse the Library page by clicking the item: Guides and Templates.
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