Do-It-Yourself Checklist to Incorporate Your Business

You can incorporate your business yourself if you don’t want to hire an attorney or a business formation service. Read this step-by-step checklist. Read more


Federal Employer Identification Number: Everything You Need to Know

Understand exactly what a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN or EIN) is, why you need one, and how to acquire one for your small business. Read more

Recorded Webinar

Pros and Cons of the Popular Business Entities: Sole Proprietorship, LLC, S Corp and C Corp

This webinar will discuss the most common business entities to help you navigate this important decision, and what changes you need to know for this year. Read more

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Create Your Tennessee Corporation or LLC

Go to the Secretary of State’s web site at Then you search for “Business” and “For Profit” and then “Forms”. The form you want to select is “Charter”. You... Read more


Using the Library

The Nashville Public Library (downtown, 3rd floor West Reading Room) has a wealth of reference material related to small business. Read more


Tips for Inventors

Keep detailed, dated records about your idea. Whenever you discuss your idea with anyone, note the date and exactly what information you provided. Remember--you might someday... Read more


Independent Contractor or Employee?

It sure is easier to consider that person who does work for you is an independent contractor rather than an employee. No complicated accounting, no Workers Compensation Insurance... Read more


Dissolution of a Company

Closing down an entity, either a corporation or an LLC, for whatever reason requires that the owners or directors comply with certain laws, regulations or requirements of the... Read more


Business Structures

What's the difference between a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation and more? Here's a general guide describing characteristics and major tax considerations. Read more


Business License

Tennessee law requires businesses to have a business license issued by local government with few exceptions. This guide will lead you through when your business will need a... Read more


Business Insurance, Property/Casualty

First and foremost, select an insurance agent with experience in business insurance. Those agents who concentrate on personal auto and homeowners or those who are captive to a... Read more


Books & Web Site Resources

Here are the most recommended books, web sites, and useful local contacts. Whether you are starting a new business or planning your next venture, we hope they will help you... Read more