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Information on starting a business. Learn more about what it takes to manage a small business. Starting a business is tough, SCORE Nashville is here to help guide you. 

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The Biz Connection

September 29, 2014
The Biz Connection is a weekly radio show aimed at the business community. Owners of businesses, large and small and at all stages of their business life are guests on our show. Read more
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Expense control improves bottom line

December 30, 2013
By Ed Rappuhn – SCORE Nashville “Our revenue is increasing, but our profit is declining. What’s going on?” Let’s look at your expenses in four ways: Read more
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Quality accounting enhances profits

January 13, 2014
By Ed Rappuhn – SCORE Nashville “I am starting a business but accounting is a mystery to me. I know I need to keep records for tax purposes, but am not a “numbers” person. Read more