One-on-One Counseling is available free of charge to persons who are already in business and to those individuals who have taken concrete steps to start a new business, such as having begun the business planning process, attended one or more SCORE Workshops or have committed some of their ideas and plans to writing. A Pre-Counseling Workshop is available without charge to those who are considering starting their own business, but haven’t yet made the decision to proceed and are looking for information to assist them in making a final decision. Please indicate below the status of your business plans so that we might most effectively assist you:

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An effective Counseling session should focus on your specific needs and questions, however discussions may identify additional issues to consider. The Counseling session should conclude with agreement about additional work and future Counseling objectives. It is not expected that a detailed business plan will exist at the time of the Counseling, although we are prepared to discuss it with you if such a plan is available.

A request for information on a specific subject or question is best handled by calling the SCORE office in Nashville at 615-736-7621 between the hours of 9:00 am and Noon, Monday through Friday. The Counselor on duty can usually provide answers or direct you to the appropriate resources.